Challenge: Treating addiction on the front lines of the opioid crisis.


Massachusetts was among the top ten states in the rate of overdose deaths involving opioids. Since most victims are homeless or in unstable housing, officials needed to provide services to those who cannot travel to healthcare facilities, or who are resistant to being treated at all.



Community Care in Reach focused on reducing as many barriers as possible to delivering life-saving services to people with opioid addictions.

Community Care in Reach partnered with Winnebago Industries to build Community Care in Reach, an innovative mobile health program that brings together partners in preventive care, addiction services, and harm reduction.

Community Care in Reach contains all the equipment necessary for the staff to act as a licensed medical clinic. Health professionals can access records and enroll patients in programs, offering the same organization and process as a hospital, in a safe environment.


Since its inception, Community Care in Reach has been in contact with more than 7,800 drug users, with 632 clinical sessions and 632 Suboxone prescriptions. Even more encouraging, 90% of those prescriptions are filled, with 79% obtaining refills.

To see additional examples of mobile health units in action, and to learn more about funding options, watch our recent webinar: Building a Mobile Opioid Outreach Program.

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