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Platform Options

Custom Built. Purpose Driven.

With a wide range of chassis configurations, our team can tailor the floorplan design, chassis options and pre-installed features to provide the ideal platform for your application.
    • gas

      In development. More information to come soon.

      Less than 30'

      In development.

    • gas

      Gasoline engines typically cost less than diesels, are generally easier to operate and offer convenient fueling options, but produce less torque (pulling power), and can have shorter lifespans.

      33' & 38'

      • Up to 38' vehicle length
      • Up to 27,500 GVWR
      • Optional slideout rooms
      • Ideal for mobile clinics, command centers, community outreach
    • diesel

      Although more expensive upfront, diesel engines are preferred by those who require more pulling power (torque), greater efficiency, and longer engine life than their gas-powered counterparts.

      33' & 38'

      • Freightliner® chassis 
      • Up to 27,500 lbs. GVWR
      • Optional slideout rooms
      • Ideal for mobile clinics, command centers, community outreach
picture of vehicle building process, SuperStructure

SuperStructure Construction

Our exclusive steel SuperStructure® construction surrounds the cab with a strong, durable support system that delivers industry-leading safety and security.
picture of vehicle building process, thermal panel walls

Thermo-Panel Walls

Our trademark Thermo-Panel® wall construction sandwiches the welded aluminum framework, air ducts and insulation between the interior and exterior walls to create strong, durable, and lightweight sidewalls.

picture of vehicle building process, interlocking joints

Interlocking Joints

Specially designed interlocking joints evenly distribute the weight of the roof along the entire span of the walls, making our empty shell so strong it doesn’t need internal reinforcement.
picture of vehicle building process, laser cut tubing

Laser-Cut Tubing

Our precision laser cutters create precise joints in structural steel that require less welding that typical butt joints, making them far stronger.
picture of vehicle building process, wiring

Automotive-Grade Wiring

We follow automotive standards for secure and reliable connections. Wires are clearly labeled for easy identification, then crimped and spliced using an advanced solderless welding process and heat-shrink covering.
picture of vehicle building process, zero emissions motor

All-Electric Zero Emission

Our groundbreaking 100% Battery Electric Vehicle is ideal for short-range applications, particularly those involving sensitive equipment or environments. Qualifies for many government purchase and infrastructure incentives.
picture of vehicle building process, ecoating


Critical steel structural components go through a multi-stage full immersion electrocoating system that charges each part with an electrical charge to attract the protective coating, causing it to be “plated” onto the part in a uniform thickness.
picture of vehicle building process, flooring

Commercial-Grade Floor

We use 1-1/8" commercial-grade plywood to provide a solid walking surface as well as added flexibility when it comes to mounting equipment.
Case Studies

Endless Possibilities.

Just a few of the mobile solutions we've helped engineer. If you can envision it, chances are we can build it.

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    Community Care in Reach
    Massachusetts ranked among the top ten states in the rate of opioid overdose deaths. Since most victims are homeless or in unsta... read more
  • Mobile Health
    Colorado DHS
    Community outreach is required to manage the growing opioid epidemic in Colorado. From 2001 to 2015, Colorado’s opioid overdose ... read more
  • Mobile Lung Unit
    According to the American Lung Association, over 200,000 people are diagnosed with lung cancer each year, and approximately eigh... read more
  • Mobile Surgical Instrument Sterilization
    UCLA was facing significant costs by using third-party vendors to clean and sterilize surgical instruments at its Ronald Reagan ... read more
  • Brand Outreach
    Approximately 250,000 children in the Twin Cities suffer from food insecurity as members of the first generation in history to h... read more
Upfitter Partnerships

Leveraging Winnebago Expertise

Winnebago works closely with the industry's leading upfitters, building customized commercial shells to suit specific applications. We can provide introductions to various upfitting partners.

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