Challenge: Supporting needs in the local community while building your brand.


The Minnesota Vikings Foundation was looking for ways to extend community outreach initiatives and provide nutritious meals for children in need across the Minneapolis and St. Paul metropolitan area.

Vikings Table specialty vehicle exterior


33' J-Series
Winnebago / STAR Partnership

The development of a multi-faceted initiative called the Vikings Table, which is the result of joint effort between the Minnesota Vikings and lead sponsor Xcel Energy and includes a mobile community outreach vehicle.

In partnership with the Minnesota Vikings Foundation, Star and Winnebago Specialty Vehicles designed and manufactured a food truck to provide nutritious meals for children in need across the Twin Cities.

The food truck is self-sustaining, selling food to attendees at Twin Cities events and using the proceeds to fund the charitable program. The experience includes a large video screen to share key messages with targeted community members, and an interactive selfie station allowing the children a fun environment with the brand while receiving a meal.

Vikings Table specialty vehicle exterior


Vikings Table specialty vehicle interior

The Vikings Table mobile unit has served over 4,000 meals to children in need. It has also generated 42M media impressions, $2.1 M in earned media value and created an alignment of 19 non-profit partners.

Vikings Table specialty vehicle interior
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